Silver Wedding Video Package

Sample Video
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Silver package includes the following:

1) Full Coverage of the wedding from brides 90 minutes before the service until the end of the service with formals and candids after set to music.

2) Highlights ending included.

3) Includes any combination of three (3) DVDs/Videos

Upgrade to Gold Package and get the following:

1.) Coverage of bride, her family and bridesmaids starting 90 minutes
before the wedding.

2.) Coverage of groom, his family and groomsmen from the church or
wedding site before the wedding.

3.) Full service coverage with wireless microphones.

4.) Coverage of formals and candid shots between service and reception.

5.) Full reception coverage from beginning to end including major events
and "wedding wishes" from the wedding party, family members and other guests.

6.) "Flashbacks" beginning and "Highlights" ending with credits.

7.) Music of your over sections leading up to the service, formals and candids, Flashbacks and ending highlights.

8.) Package includes any combination of three (3) DVDs/Videos --Estimated running length--2 1/2 - 3 hours.

Silver Wedding Video Package

The price of this package is $695, tax included. ($200 deposit with contract, balance on delivery of finished DVDs/Videos)

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